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Atlanta Loves Mom!!

Hello good people! Let me first say that this past weekend was amazing!! We had an overwhelming number of orders for Mother's Day and loved every minute of it. Thank you for letting us put a smile on your special lady's face! Check out the collage of our favorite creations for Mom this year. There was everything from chocolate toffee crunch to salted caramel, to dark chocolate ganache and white chocolate strawberry! Simply beautiful and tasted awesome! Not only does Atlanta love Mom, but has excellent taste!

My Mother's Day was filled with hugs and love. It started out with a very sweet surprise from my love and my children. They gave me a bag with an adorable fuzzy hot pink (my fav color) pillow that said "#1 Mom", sweet cards and some of my absolute favorite chocolates! It was funny how sneaky he was when trying to figure out which brand chocolates I like best. I told him I rotate but Ferrero Rocher was my favorite right now, lol. They make me feel super special and appreciated!

We then traveled to South Carolina to meet by Mother, brother and sister at a nice park for a picnic. All three of my mother's children and all nine of her grandchildren were there. Everyone had a great time talking, laughing and playing together. We felt very blessed to have that time with her and that everyone could be there. We also reminisced about our grandmother Eudora who passed a few decades ago. She was truly missed.

All together, it was a very fun and relaxing break for us all that was much overdue. I pray that all mothers, including those who assume the role of one, had the wonderful holiday they deserved! Stay sweet!

Oh, and I almost forgot! We are looking for a nickname to call our True Joy Bakery fans! Let us know what you think!

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