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custom orders

Sometimes life calls for a "just for you" bakery item. Our mission is to make your vision come true in cake form!

We start at the pricing below and go up based on size and design. There may be a minimum order requirement.

Cupcakes, Mini Cheesecakes and Cakesicles $42/dozen

Cake Pops, Macarons, Cookies, Donuts, Dipped Strawberries, Dipped Pretzels, Dipped Rice Krispy, Dipped Oreos $36/ dozen

Dipped Apples $6/ each

Buttercream Cakes $4/ serving

Fondant Cakes $5/ serving

Please contact us for your customquote.


What's the occasion? We create for parties, showers, galas and more!  Don't forget to ask about dessert tables!

Floral Wreath Birthday Cake
Party Treat Table
Birthday Cake and Treats

Put a smile on their face with employee and client appreciation gifts! Put your logo on our treats!

Macaron Gift Box
Christmas Treat Gift
Christmas Cookies

Wedding, anniversary and groom's cakes and treats! We love love! Complementary tasting when you book!

Tiered Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake Pops
Purple Wedding Cake Table

Need a special cake or treats to celebrate? We create for all parties, showers, galas and more!

Cake Flavors


* available in vegan or dairy free

Chocolate *

Vanilla *

Coffee *

Marble *

Hibiscus *

Almond *

Chocolate Chip *

Hummingbird *

Red Velvet *

Strawberry *

Lemon *

Carrot Cake *

Pumpkin Spice *

Cinnamon Swirl *




* available in vegan or dairy free

Fruit Jams: Strawberry Blueberry Pineapple Peach Raspberry or Mango *

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough *

Cookie Butter *

Peanut Butter Cream *


Dark, Milk, White or Mint Chocolate Ganache
Mocha Cappuccino Mousse

Passion Fruit Mousse

Cream Cheese Icing

Pecan Coconut

Caramel Mousse

Hazelnut Spread

Lemon Curd

Key Lime Curd 

Brownie layer - extra $.50 per serving

Cheesecake layer- extra $1 per serving





* available in vegan or dairy free

Salted Caramel Drizzle

Chocolate Milk Drizzle

Lemonade *

Espresso *


Vanilla Bean *

Chocolate Cream *

Lemon *
Almond *
Brown Sugar *

Dark, Milk, White or Mint Chocolate Ganache

Cookies n Cream *

Coconut Cream *

Butter Pecan *

Rose *

Cream Cheese and Whipped Cream are not available for fondant cakes

Give us a call  at 404-574-9959 to discuss your one of a kind custom confections!

Ask about catering and cake bundle savings!

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